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I just dreamed that I was in a war — a real war, with big guns, bombs, shooting, running, and hiding. When I woke up, I thought of it, I had lots of realization. First, I pity those young people at war, those people who knew nothing about war, about fighting. In my dream, I was one. I was running for my life, climbing grills, jumping off to whatever height, and hiding and trying not to make any noise. And as I did those things, along with me are merely acquaintances (yeah, I recognized in my dream some of my friends and family, some are actors and actresses — yes, it’s crazy). One would care for everyone during these times — yung tipong, you don’t just run, yung sama-sama kayo, yung if you get a chance to grab the guns nung mga pumapatay para walang mabaril na iba, you will do it. You wouldn’t care if you know that person you’re protecting, basta you know na, ayaw mong may mabaril pang iba. Yes, you care most of your family and friends, but the other people, you will find yourself, PROTECTING EACH OTHER. This is because all you want is that this thing should end. Sure, maybe, some will think that they’d rather keep themselves alive than other people, BUT SEEING OTHER PEOPLE FALL TO THE GROUND, in front of you, it will give that sad feeling and that you don’t want to see more of it — yung tipong madedepress ka sa sobrang pinaghalong lungkot at inis sa mga nangyayari.


Narealize ko din na if given a chance, I will definitely handle the gun and shoot. Funny thing sa dream ko, I took a gun, yung maliit, and open na open yung isang leader (he’s an actor, can’t remember kung sino), then I tried to shoot him, tapos yung tipong nakita ko yung bullet  na sinalo nya haha! Yung kasi na parang ang baba na nung velocity dahil ang layo nya. Tapos naisip ko, baka may connection ang range sa laki or model ng gun. Tapos sabay takbo na kami ng mga kasama ko. Goodness! Parang apartment yung tinakbuhan namin. Then we entered a room, and we saw people sleeping, seriously? Haha! And next thing is crazier. They can’t find us, and they decided to use a bomb na lang para sure. Then the bomb exploded, the building started to collapse, from the middle, so parang nahati lang yung building at unti-unting bumagsak, and all of us were holding each other, then I saw a stable platform, just beside me (crazy thing!), then we scooched there haha! Then jumped off to a nearby roof and run again. Lesson: you will do anything just to survive! As I woke up, I realized that I want to learn how to use a gun haha!


I kept thinking about my dream, and I thought that if I become very rich, I will definitely donate money and goods to people at warzone. Yung panaginip na to ay hindi rin naiiba sa calamities, they are the same, that we do everything just to survive and help others. Naisip ko din na, ANG DAMI KO PALANG DAPAT NA PINAGDADASAL. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING, while ako, mareklamo pa.