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Have you ever wanted something so bad but you SHOULDN’T have it? You could but you shouldn’t. I don’t know if anyone could understand that, but, hmmm, I guess that’s not a rare situation. But, just so you know, IT’S DIFFICULT. It’s not easy seeing others COULD have it, while you SHOULDN’T. Haaaaaay…

Magulo, oo. Pero basta. And yet, after letting that thing pass, WHAT YOU SACRIFICED THAT FOR, IS STILL NOT YOURS. Halaaa, gets? Ayokong magdetalye eh. Basta, it’s just that YOU CHOSE THE OTHER ONE, but still, in the end, you lost both. AWFUL THING. You tried suppressing that feeling, that desire towards that thing, but it’s not worth it. This is where BEING SAFE enters. You chose the SAFER THING, because you don’t want to risk another precious thing. Thing is (puro thing, hehe), YOU DESIRE BOTH, YOU COULD HAVE BOTH, BUT IT’S SAFE TO NOT HAVE BOTH, BUT THERE’S STILL A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU COULD LOSE BOTH, and not have either of the two. REALLY REALLY AN AWFUL THING. Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!!