funny but true…

hmmm, i just watched two horror films tonight… right after, it came across to my mind that when faced such danger, I DON’T KNOW!!!… I MIGHT CALL THE LORD, and all the angels and saints, and whoever I could just to get help!!! PRAY… Hahahaha! Maybe I won’t stop screaming. I don’t know. Or maybe I’ll just be in a state of shock, that I can’t make a neither a sound nor a move, and just wait ’til I faint in fear. Hahahahaha!!! I really don’t know, and I don’t wish on knowing at all haha! God knows I may not be able to survive hahaha!!! Even a cockroach makes my heart jump off hahahaha!!! Like for real!! Then again, I thought maybe I could do something granted the chance that I could smash/beat/tear/break/kill that monster!!!! Define!!! Hahaha!